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Wychwood attend MUNTH

Posted: 4th December 2019

Wychwood girls were at the Model United Nations (MUN) last weekend. Tudor Hall near Banbury hosted their 2019 conference MUNTH2019 and schools from all over the country attended, from far away as Shrewsbury and Cheadle Hume and closer schools from Evesham and Abingdon. Six Wychwood girls attended, four of whom were at their first conference. They represented Sudan, Spain and Myanmar. The conference had the theme of the Climate emergency and topics discussed included deforestation, climate refugees and endangered species. All girls spoke well, enjoyed listening to the debates and meeting pupils from other schools.

Wychwood will be attending MUN events at Magdalen College School in Oxford and Haberdasher’s Askes Boys’ School in North London both during March 2020.