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Word Mania Round 1

Posted: 13th November 2017

Our Word Mania results are great!

35 girls in Remove, Inters and LTs competed in round 1.
Remove – 11 girls, Inters – 11 girls and LTs – 13 girls

Regional results
Year 7 – 4th in Skill – 1st in Participation
Year 8 – 1st in both Skill and Participation. Their results are outstanding. The girls had 30,000 points more than the school in second place
Year 9 – 1st in Skill – 3rd in Participation

Rebecca and Leony broke the 4,000 points threshold in one game which is OUTSTANDING!!
Just to highlight that each game is only 3 minutes and to manage to score anything more than 1500 points is quite good.

The players who had the best score in one game per year group:

1st Isobel
2nd Janice
3rd Milly

1st Rebecca
2nd Leony
3rd Latisha

1st Tilly
2nd Elfie
3rd Olivia

Round 2 is now on! Keep on being awesome Wychwood girls!

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