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Visit of Charlie Walker, Explorer and Adventurer, ‘49000 miles by bike, it’s a long way home’

Posted: 15th October 2019

The Lower School were treated to a talk bringing ‘Exciting Geography’ to life, by Charlie Walker. Bored with his office job, Charlie decided to cycle from his home in London to the furthest capes, in the North, East and South of the world.

He fascinated the girls with tales of sneaking past communist check points to make it into Tibet, and how he almost died from hypothermia before stumbling upon a small mountain house, just as he was about to give up.

Mostly alone, he did sometimes have company – a horse in Mongolia that eventually was stolen one night, and a dog. From extreme cold, to extreme heat of the desert, his adventures continued until eventually, some four years later he returned home.

The girls asked some interesting questions – mostly to do with personal hygiene along the route!

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