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UT Artists visit the Spellbound Exhibition

Posted: 2nd November 2018

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UT Art students visited the Spellbound exhibition at the Ashmolean on Tuesday 30thOctober the project they are working on is ‘Light and Dark’ as part of their GCSE coursework.

It was a very apt week to choose to visit such a spooky and atmospheric exhibition with Halloween looming and the thought of the week at Wychwood being ‘hell is full of good intentions’.

The students explored the exhibition with great curiosity; sketching and writing notes as they went around the labyrinth of rooms. It was very dark in some places with spotlights illuminating the artefacts and a contemporary art installation projected flames flickering whilst strange sounds surrounded us. The exhibits ranged from the fantastical and macabre (a unicorn’s horn, a human heart encased in lead) to the beautiful and mysterious (exquisitely engraved rings and hand painted medieval books).