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Have a Happy Summer Holiday!

Posted: 8th July 2019

You’re all going on a summer holiday,
No more Wychwood for a month or two,
Fun and laughter on your summer holiday,
You’ll do some growing too-oo-oo,
In that month or two.

You’re going where the sun shines brightly,
You’ll likely watch some movies too,
Remember your ‘Habits of Mind’
And your growth mindset too-oo.

We’re all going on our summer holiday,
Teachers need a little sunshine too,
Then we’re planning lessons, preparing syllabi,
To make your dreams come true oo oo,
Together that’s what we’ll do!

We’re heading to foreign cities,
To hills and beaches too,
Don’t worry if you see us,
We won’t say we know you–oo-oo!

We’re not going on a summer holiday,
Phones need answering and the emails too,
If you need us through the summer holidays,
We’ll be here for you-oo–oo,
For a month or two.

Have a great time on your summer holiday,
Playing, resting and helping too,
Make the most of your summer holiday,
And we’ll see you back soo-oo-oon,
Back in the classroom!