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Study Ball

Posted: 5th July 2017

A bitter sweet evening was had at the Wychwood Sixth Ball, ‘A Night in the Cosmos’, on Friday evening when Leavers in Study II said their goodbyes in both a glamorous and gracious way, through the starry theme of the cosmos.

Drinks and canapés on the lawn allowed farewells with parents, and then staff, girls, and guests moved into the beautifully decorated Hall, through shining stars – quite literally!
Speeches on the qualities and attributes of all Leavers in Study II led by Immy and Inu were personal, heartfelt and testament to the strong bonds within the form and everyone was presented with a star necklace.

The assembled guests were then informed that the form had purchased a star for Wychwood in gratitude for all that the staff and the school had made possible for them. Was there a dry eye in the house?

A delicious dinner was prepared as ever by the caring and talented kitchen staff, who have known so many of the girls for 7 years now, and was served with personal charm by Citizens from Shell, UTs and LTs – already planning their own event into the future!
The dancing commenced and didn’t stop until carriages at midnight!

Thank you to all the girls in Study II for hosting such a beautiful event; we will miss you enormously. Good luck in all that you do, and please come back to visit through the Wychwood Association in the future.

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