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Staff vs Study Netball

Posted: 19th April 2018


On Wednesday 21st March a match so fiercely contested, it can only be described as a clash of the titans, took place on the Wychwood netball courts. The Study, fresh from competing in House netball, confidently strode on to court with memories of dishing out a thrashing last year in their mind. The Staff, with a few new players, wandered out into the lion’s den, not really sure what to expect.

The start of the match went as anticipated with the Study taking the lead and the noise levels from the crowd ramped up. However, the Staff, having warmed up and trained away from glaring eyes, made some substitutions and tactical switches and boom, just like that took control of the game. Tight in defence, energetic in the middle and clinical in attack, the Study were simply blown away. Even the crowd started cheering for the Staff! The match finished 5-2 in the Staff’s favour showing there is no substitute for experience!