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Shell ‘Place of Residence’ Project

Posted: 25th June 2020

During lockdown pupils in Shell (Year 11) have been taught research methods in their study skills lesson. They were set the target of using each one-hour lesson to find out as much as possible about different aspects of their own local area. Week 1 was devoted to history and human geography; week 2 to physical geography and science; week 3 to arts and culture. Pupils were then encouraged to rewrite their findings in their own words. Sophie’s work below and to the right, is just one example of the super work that was produced by the pupils under strict time constraints. Editorial leaders were chosen to pull the research together for the whole form. Thanks are due in particular to Olivia and Juliette for the work they have done in bringing the project to fruition.

The plan is to display all the work early next term.

Dr Donald

Week 2: Physical geography/science
The map top right shows that a large part of Cutteslowe is green area with two large open green spaces: The Cutteslowe Park and a green open area near the Cherwell river. The Cherwell river flows through Cutteslowe.

Relief Map
The relief map (bottom right) shows that Cutteslowe (centre) is slightly elevated from the surrounding area.

Cutteslowe is built upon Oxford Clay. Oxford Clay underlies most of South-East England. It is a Jurassic marine sedimentary formation that dates back to the Jurassic era. Oxford Clay appears at the surface in many cities including Oxford and can be found in quarries around the area.