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Senior Youthspeaks 2019

Posted: 18th January 2019

The Wychwood Senior team, Achsah Duncan, Anais Arroyo and Georgina Lagden were runners up in the Senior Section of the Rotary Youthspeaks competition on 17th January 2019 with a presentation entitled ‘The power of indifference’.

Following her success last year on the voicelessness of marginalised women in the world, and the actions of ‘Sisters for Change’, Anais Arroyo gave another heartfelt speech.  This time she considered the need for empathy, justice and action on the homeless issue in Oxford and across the country.  Describing the homeless as the paradoxically visibly invisible members of society she explained the need for action over indifference.  She imagined how wonderful it would be if the chilling gusts affecting the homeless on any given night could be winds of change which might whisper ‘we see you and we can make a difference’.

Anais went on to explain the actions of the Wychwood Study I, through their Young Enterprise company ‘Sharing Hands’.  In collaboration with Gatehouse, a drop in centre for the homeless, the girls sold charity cards and raised enough money to purchase nine sleeping bags.  In their own small way they made a difference and this evening was a wonderful opportunity to inspire others to do the same.

The judges were touched with the girls’ empathy with the world around them, with their passion, and with their sophisticated and engaging argument.  Encouraging the competitors to really value their research, which had been impressive, they explained that clarity of expression is power and encouraged the girls to continue with their public speaking.

Well done to Ash, Anais and Georgie.  We were truly impressed with your performance.