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RS trip to London

Posted: 4th December 2017

As a part of the GCSE Religious Studies course, all the UT’s and Shell girls went on a day trip to London! First stop was Regent’s Park mosque where the girls got to ‘model’ a variety of head coverings before heading into the prayer hall. There we spent a peaceful few minutes observing salah and one young father even brought in his baby and laid him on a prayer mat beside him as he prayed. This was followed by a fascinating question and answer session and we were delighted that one of our parents, Mrs Henna Suleman was also able to join us too. We then headed off to St.Paul’s Cathedral and were treated to excellent short tour and climb up to the ‘Whispering gallery’. Once again one of our parent’s, Mrs. Guilfoyle, was able to join us. It was a terrific day and one that I am sure has helped to enrich our study of Islam and Christianity.

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