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Oxfordshire Book Awards 2017

Posted: 18th November 2017


16 Remove and Inters attended an inspirational awards ceremony at Oxford High on Thursday 9th November. Isy Mead, Head of Learning at The Story Museum, described the power of reading fiction as being in a virtual reality simulator and preparing us for things that may happen in the future. Jo Cotterill, the secondary category winner for A Library of Lemons, once again captured the audience with the message that books can be our ‘happy places’ and our friends. Hmm! Not entirely true! Her best moment was the hug fest!!!

Isobel and Milly in Remove were thrilled to meet David Baddiel, the author and famous comedian, who received the award for the Best Primary novel for his book The Person Controller. All girls commented that they had loved getting ideas of what to read next and meeting their favourite authors.

The first books on the longlist have arrived!
Wych book is going to be the girls’ favourite one this year?

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