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Posted: 8th May 2018

A group of keen computer scientists from the Lower Transits to Study I had a real eye opener on Wednesday when they visited Oxbotica HQ in Summertown. Greeted by a robot guided by one of the team who was actually at home at the time was quite a surreal experience and left all the girls wondering how great that would be at school!
Professor Newman and his colleagues gave the girls a fascinating insight into the world of autonomous vehicles and left them eager to find out more!
“I was captivated by how they had adapted a simple car and made it driverless” (Clara, Upper Transits)
“We learnt that the car uses a combination of lasers, sonar and cameras to navigate and that this type of technology was not limited to cars but would make it into space! It was an incredibly interesting and informative trip – I learnt a lot about artificial intelligence and how it could be used” (Amelie, Upper Transits)
“I asked Professor Newman what his views were on the future of AI and whether he thought it would take over from human beings. His views were quite different to mine but what he said did get me thinking” (Katy, Upper Transits)
“It was fascinating to be able to see the autonomous cars up close, whilst Professor Newman explained the cars ability to gauge distances with its lasers and camera system, which they had 3D-printed in their Summertown site!”  (Milli, Study I)
Oxbot 2“I have always been interested in AI, but after listening to Professor Newman, my interest for the topic has definitely increased. I feel really excited about what there is still to come from technology in the future, and I would definitely like to be a part of developing that somehow.” (Rosie, Upper Transits)
There was a great buzz on the way home – lots of questions and excitement! All the girls are keen to make a return visit, find out more and possibly go for a little ride!