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Onetti French Play

Posted: 26th February 2019

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La salle des énigmes 13/02/19


Today we were treated to a special performance of a French play. It was all about code breaking and Egyptian hieroglyphics. The two actors performed it incredibly well and didn’t once break character. I really enjoyed the fact that I could understand most of it and that would not at all have even been a possibility last year. I loved the fact that they got the girls involved and although I wasn’t picked it was fun to watch my friends and others have a go. Next year I hope to understand even more than this year and to maybe be picked as I was last year. Over all it was a very enjoyable event and everyone had a really good time.  Beth Newman


On the 13th of February 2019 Wychwood School had 2 actors come in to perform a play in French. They included the audience a lot and even invited some people to come up to be actors in the play. I enjoyed watching my friends go up and perform whilst learning things they never would have learnt from an ordinary French lesson. The actors were really good at playing their roles and making sure we understood the French by doing hand gestures and other helpful things. I really enjoyed the comedy aspect of the play, it made me laugh a lot! Overall it was a really good play and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it.  Marisa Thomas


On the 13th of February, Remove to Shell watched a French play which was performed by 2 people, one man and one woman. The play was about them a game where they were locked into a room and having to find clues to help them get back.

I really enjoyed the play, firstly because I understood most of what they said, but secondly because they involved students. Izzy, Mariam, Teresa, Bianca and Lucy were all involved in helping Jeremy and Marie find these clues.

I really recommend this play to pupils learning French.  Gigi



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We watched a French play by two professional French actors.  They were incredibly skilled as they never broke character, even when everyone in the audience was laughing at them. It was especially funny when some girls in the audience had to get up and do parts with them. The actors were very good at showing different aspects of their characters and they remembered all their lines perfectly. I did not understand all of it, but what I did, was very well written.  Overall I think it was a very well put together and humorous play. Millie Moss


The French play was about two characters in riddle room who try to open the door between them by breaking the code. The actors were very professional as they stuck to their characters. I did not understand all the words, but I connected most of the words together and fairly understood the play. The actors spoke fairly fast however they did slow down when they asked questions. I was slightly nervous when I was picked as a volunteer, but I loved it. It was a bit hard to understand what they were asking me to do but I understood words like trouve and I started to look for the rest of the code. My favorite bit was when I was called onto stage and had to find bits of the code. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and would love to watch another play in different language which I am learning because I can practice and widen my understanding of the language.  Mariam


The French play was amazing! It was really funny and it was interesting to her other people speaking in French casually. I was called up with Teresa on a quest to crack the code in order to get through the door. There were a series of challenges, which were all hilarious, and a chest containing random items (a mummified arm, a fish and a red block with hieroglyphics written on it.) Overall, I really enjoyed it – despite not knowing much French.  Izzie