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National Boarding Day

Posted: 11th October 2017

To celebrate National Boarding Day, at Wychwood we ran our first Golden Ticket evening. Boarders, using their Golden Ticket, invited day girls to spend the night and join in the fun. Girls had a special supper together before changing into their pyjamas and getting their duvets and pillows to snuggle in when watching their movie! They played three games with much hilarity- Who/what do you think you are, Knights Mounts and Cavaliers, and Ship’s Captain. Much good fun was had by all. They then watched Clueless together before heading off to bed!

On Sunday morning, everyone rushed through breakfast so they could be ready outside the school to cheer on Miss Tyers, who was taking part in the Oxford Half Marathon. There was much excitement and lots of cheering when she ran past. It was a great weekend for all concerned and we can’t wait to run another Golden Ticket evening.

“I really enjoyed being a day girl guest at the boarders’ sleepover. I arrived at 6.00pm and, escorted by my host, went up to my room to unpack. We then went down to supper, which was a delicious chicken burger, corn on the cob and mini potato fries. After supper we went up to the boarding house to change into our pyjamas and grab our duvets, to take into the Hall where we played games such as “what am I?”, and others, one of which my host and I won! Then we all snuggled down into our duvets on the seats to watch “Clueless” and feast on haribos and maoams. Next, it was bedtime and my host and I fell straight to sleep. Overall, it was a really great night and I’d love to board again!”

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