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My Summer Before Wychwood

Posted: 18th September 2019

As I left my primary school for the last time, I was a little sad, however excited, really excited about Wychwood. A few weeks before, we had visited Wychwood and listened to Mrs Johnson’s welcome speech, where she congratulated my parents on the choice they had made. It was quite interesting to hear her speak to my parents and I. I remember it well as it was the day I saw many of the older girls and was introduced to Phoebe, my House Mother. I also met most of the girls in my class (Remove) and we drew feet (and put faces and hobbies on them). We played on the swing, oh and had some lovely sandwiches and cakes on the lawn while teachers, parents and girls chatted.

During my summer holidays, it became real when I got a letter from Phoebe, she made me feel less nervous. My family went camping twice during the summer and once our tent collapsed in the gale force winds in Cornwall, and a horse went in our tent in the New Forest. I was hearing from Phoebe through the summer by email. When I got my uniform none of the blazers fitted me but I was looking forward to wearing something different to what I had been wearing for the last five years. The Wychwood quiz was quite fun to do, and I did some of it with Aoife when we went camping together. Sometimes it would get frustrating when I could not find the answers but it was more enjoyable the more answers I learnt.

Since we didn’t really do much in the summer, only went camping a few times and saw a few friends, this holiday was still the quickest ever, it has gone past so fast! I think it was because I have been so excited to come to Wychwood as well. My dad showed me the A Level results and then later the GCSE results. He was certainly excited, it also made me realise just how important this is. I hoped that the weird things I had looked up for the quiz like which dog doesn’t bark and what are chitterlings, were correct.

On the last day of the summer holidays, I was really excited. My mum and I were rushing around getting all the stuff ready and putting my name in all my clothes. When the day finally came, I was terrified, nervous, happy and really excited! My dad wanted to take pictures outside the school and it was a bit embarrassing. So, now I’m at the end of the first week, I am not nervous anymore, I’ve made a few friends and told my dad that so far I give Wychwood 10 out of 10.

And this was my summer before Wychwood.

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