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Make it Real Game with the Remove

Posted: 12th June 2018

Img 1141smOn Wednesday 6thof June, Remove participated in the “Make It Real Game.” This involved a whole day off-timetable to take part in day to learn about the world of work and business, teamwork and challenges. Coming to school in their own clothes and making their own business name badge was definitely not the beginning of usual school day.


The morning was more classroom based and the girls chose a name for their town, learnt about voting and democracy, formed and joined a small advertising company and did a quiz on logos. Many activities, such as making lifestyle choices and learning to budget, were done individually, but the girls had to take part in quizzes and challenges as a team! Teamwork was definitely more challenging when making a tower out of straws, as many people had different ideas about what would work best!

In the afternoon, the girls wrote, practised and gave a presentation about a country that was designed to make that country sound more appealing to a tourist. Remove learnt about that giving a successful presentation was not only about good information, but also about and using body language and your voice to make your presentation sound more interesting

Here is what the girls said about the day.

“I learnt how to spend money wisely.”

“I found designing a company name and logo interesting.”

“I learnt how to research for a good presentation.”

“I found it interesting listening to other presentations.”

“I learnt that you should wear smart and business clothes.”

“I found it interesting finding out about what you do in different jobs.”

“I learnt how to do a presentation.”

I learnt about the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ in life.”

“I learnt about the difference between a job and occupation.”

“I learnt about teamwork.”