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Make It Real Game 2021

Posted: 8th July 2021

On the 22nd of June, Remove had a whole day off-timetable, wore “business dress,” and took part in “The Make it Real Game.” The game involved learning about democracy, voting on the name of a town, joining a company, and creating a marketing presentation about a country.

The day also involved a team building exercise which involved building a tower out of straws and blu-tak and seeing which group could balance a starburst sweet the highest in the air! All the teams worked very well together, but only one tower was left standing at the end of the end of the twenty-minute time limit.

Here is what the Wychwood pupils said about the day:

“I learnt how important money is and to save extra money for when you need it.”

“I learnt how to work together.”

“I found it interesting that simple logos are the best.”

Jasba Better