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Les Garçons come to Wychwood

Posted: 11th February 2020

On Monday 10th February we welcomed two French actors who performed a play entitled Les garçons. The play was full of funny twists and unforeseen developments which helped to keep our tough audience on tenterhooks. The girls were engaged and a lot of them participated by shouting out phrases in French to answer the actors’ questions and by participating in the play. It was an experience full of humour that was enjoyed both by the students and the members of staff who were present.

The actors were left impressed with the level of French of our students as they repeated full sentences while taking part in the play.

Clara, Fern, Jessie, Jasmine, Stella and Emilia said “The play was funny and interactive”, “It was engaging and made studying French fun as I used my knowledge of the language to understand the play” and “It was easy to understand even for students like me who don’t study French as they used a lot of props”.

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