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Lower Transits trip to the Science Museum

Posted: 25th November 2018

The LTs enjoyed a busy and interesting trip to the London Science Museum on Monday.  Catching the train and the tube was exciting and amazingly there were no hold ups and we arrived in good time!

We started with ‘Engineer your future’ – which to be honest looked a little dull on first sight, however, the girls soon got into the role of problem solvers by completing tasks such as working out the logistics of the baggage carriers at a busy airport and ensuring commuters got from one station to another!

Then it was off to explore, made slightly more challenging by the fact that the main lifts were out of order!  The Information Age gallery depicted the metamorphosis of technology over the years and then watching the growth of superbugs was a little scary to say the least!

The Wonderlab after lunch was the highlight for all of us!  From friction slides and dry ice cauldrons to the power of forces to winch yourself up high and weird heat sensors to find out who was hot and who was not, there was something for everyone.

‘The chemical experiment was so cool’

‘The maths game was so good, I could see the answer!’

‘It was fascinating … filled with so many activities!’

‘… I want to go again!’

The finale was the rocket show; it was very informative and very loud!  The girls volunteered answers and Jasmine became the ‘back’ of the rocket in a demonstration!

All in all a great trip – lots of Science based activities, a taster of technology – even the underground was a classic example of ‘abstraction’ (one of the cornerstones of computing) and finally a bit of PE … Lily had recorded 11,000 steps by the time we got back to school!