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Inters trip to National Museum of Computing

Posted: 8th June 2017

The Inters had a great trip to The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. The girls were wowed by the enormous size of floppy disks that were not big enough to hold a single selfie and at the mobile phone that weighed 2.5kg! They sent enciphered messages, took part in the Turin Challenge and wrote a game of ‘Snake’ in BASIC, not to mention the odd game of Pacman and Space Invaders!

‘I learnt how Colossus worked – Amazing!’

‘I learnt even the biggest computers don’t hold as much information as a tiny SD card’

‘I was surprised at how many pieces of ‘old’ technology I actually recognised’

‘The game in BASIC was awesome, luckily no- one destroyed their code!’

‘I enjoyed hacking the code on the Snake game’

‘Playing the games was so much fun!’

We will be back to visit the museum again, who knows what will have made it into their collection by then!

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