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Importance of Being Earnest

Posted: 12th March 2018



The Importance of Being Earnest Trip: An Earnest Review of Habits of Mind!

Act 1

Tuesday 6th March

5.00pm in the school foyer. Enter pupils with coats zipped up and supper bags at the ready:

“We’re going on a school trip to see The Importance of Being Earnest! After managing our impulsivity and reverting to our moral manners the current, and budding A’ Level English Literature students hopped into cars to see Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest at the Theatre Royal Winchester. Wanting to strive for accuracy in their coming exams the Study girls took on the task of communicating with clarity and precision whilst revising Larkin poetry in the car over the noise of the A34. Upon arrival we made our way to the theatre, not before stopping off at the shop for snacks. Cucumber sandwiches and muffins anyone?

Act 2                               

Enter pupils and teachers both stage left and right and move to the middle of the circle, the best seating. The lighting dims, curtains rise, girls are poised at the edge of their seats.

As polite Wychwood girls, we giggle along gently through act one, break into laughs by act two and cannot contain our guffaws by the end of act three. Finding humour was definitely a habit of mind well practised throughout the performance. Having already studied the play we applied past knowledge to new situations and braced ourselves for the wittiest repartie. The play had us thinking flexibly and interdependently which will undoubtedly benefit future essays. Once over we were left in wonderment and awe at the craftsmanship of Wilde’s satire.

Act 3

Exit all pupils and teachers through the main entrance and walk towards the car park.

We left the theatre arm in arm still smiling, and after a brisk walk to the car park we were faced with the reality that we do not live in an age of ideals: there was no satellite reception in the car park! This meant a scenic tour of Winchester trying to find signposts for the A34 through the one way system!  This allowed for some quick history of art revision, taking in the architecture of the surrounding buildings. We took the responsible risk of defying the Sat-Nav and redirected ourselves; our inner Gwendolen, defying her mother’s orders!

All in all this trip taught us the importance of remaining open to continuous learning.  Moreover, if there was only one thing that we could take away from the experience, it was definitely the vital importance of being earnest!