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How to be in Scotland and Oxford at the same time!

Posted: 16th June 2020

Can you spot the member of Wychwood staff in the photo on the right, taken to mark the end of a conference hosted by the University of St Andrews, Scotland?

Dr Donald was due to be in St Andrews in Scotland last week for a conference organised jointly by the Departments of Classics and English Literature. The conference was originally cancelled due to Covid-19, but the organisers decided to run the whole conference on Microsoft Teams. The photo was taken to mark the closing session, and Dr Donald got in on the act along with the organisers and Professor Neil Rhodes (centre) from the Department of English at St Andrews and Professor Sarah Knight (top left) from the Department of English at the University of Leicester, along with a few other delegates. The organisers believe it is one of the few academic conferences to have been held during lockdown. Nearly 100 researchers participated from countries all over the world, engaged in an enjoyable two days of papers and discussion. The subject of the conference was Renaissance Academic Drama and the Popular Stage, and Dr Donald gave a paper that approached the subject from a quantitative perspective. This relates to research she does in her free time.

Dr Donald said that she was disappointed not to have been able to visit St Andrews, but it did save her a very long journey to Scotland and back!

Dr Donald At St Andrews