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Heather Tranter English Prize

Posted: 4th May 2017

Eliza was awarded the Heather Tranter bookshelf Award for her examination term at the beginning of Trinity 2017. This English department prize rewards departmental commitment and extra-curricular engagement in a girl’s time at Wychwood. As Ms Sherlock said in assembly, Eliza knows how much we rate her written and academic ability, but it is now time to recognise her overall commitment and engagement in the subject.

Eliza has shown much involvement in department activities. She has assisted with ‘The Elm’ magazine and has been a regular entrant in the Charlotte Kell poetry and the World Book Day Writing competitions. Her Youth Speaks speech on ‘Sarcasm’ was legendary, and in and around school she has also spoken on behalf of charities, and performed as a lively compere for Performing Arts and Wychfactor evenings, with exemplary public speaking skills.

A departmental all-rounder, we wish you well with your examinations and hope that the bookshelf will inspire you. Well done, Eliza!

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