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Happy Birthday Wychwood!

Posted: 27th June 2017

In 1897 Miss Batty and Miss Lee opened the school “for genuine girls not imitation boys”. 120 years later, we think they would like what they see, and they certainly would have enjoyed the party.

24th June was a day to celebrate, to re-connect and to reminisce. The 120th Birthday Party made sure we all did exactly that, in the spirit of Wychwood, forward-looking, feminine and fun.

The school was bursting at the seams with ‘girls’ – Wychwood Girls. Groups of excited women were forming, dissolving and re-forming and the cacophony of reunion and remembrance was almost deafeningThere was non-stop reminiscing, catching up and that truly joyful feeling of Old Girls bringing back to mind what it meant to be at school again: both the pains and the pleasures, both of which seem so intense at the time but which are now recognised as being the building blocks of current character and which can be viewed with a little chagrin and much hilarity.

And the current girls learned so much about networking, appreciating the experience and wisdom of former students and how widely the school can spread its influence.

Out of the kitchens poured waves of delicious food and drink – a summer luncheon, perfect for the day, cakes (no Wychwood event is complete without cake) and fantastic canapés to go with the bubbles.

The play was so Wychwood, capturing the spirit of the decades – the old girls testified to that, coming out of ‘their’ scenes misty eyed and smiling having been transported into another time by the power of the atmosphere created.

The memories exhibition displayed such joyful, funny, and poignant memories brought so delightfully to life by Ms Crawford. The Listening Project where girls talked about their time at Wychwood, more memories brought to life and shared with the current girls. The Hub, which was indeed a hub of information and chat. The art exhibition showing the school’s artistic heritage coupled with that of the current girls’ work on display. The music which enchanted the audience.

All of the different elements of the day came together perfectly. Old Girls, staff, former parents, pupils, former staff, and current parents all were as one sharing memories, creating new ones, laughing, smiling and having fun.

Here’s to the next 120 years, although perhaps we won’t wait that long before celebrating again…..