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Grimm Tales

Posted: 23rd March 2018


Thursday 15th March saw the very successful Wychwood School production of Grimm Tales, the much-loved fairy tales written by the Grimm brothers, adapted by Carol Ann Duffy, dramatised by Tim Supple and directed by Miss Jones! The black box, thrust staging was set as an extra challenge for the girls and to give the audience a different, more intimate experience.


There were a collection of tales performed: The drama club, consisting of the Remove, Inters, Lower Transits and Upper Transits opened with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs followed by A Riddling Tale. Next up, was The Hare and the Hedgehog, a bright and cheerful re-telling of the tale by the Remove, but with a rather gruesome ending. There was a swift mood change with group choral singing from the Lower Transits opening the macabre Little Red Cap followed by the Inters version of The Golden Goose, for which Rebecca Smith designed and operated the musical backing tracks for her class play. The A Riddling Tale cast made another appearance with the answer to the riddle before the final tale: Ashputtel, a re-telling of the Cinderella story by the drama club girls.

With a cast and company of 50, getting the tales together was a huge operation, but with a hugely dedicated cast, and lots of practice it all came together brilliantly on the night, with many star performers, and for several of whom was their first time performing in front of an audience at Wychwood. Congratulations to all involved and Miss Jones wishes you all a well-earned Easter break!