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GCSE Success

Posted: 24th August 2017

Wychwood staff and governors congratulate this year’s Shell (year 11) on another very successful year’s GCSE results. There are individual triumphs which are clearly obvious by the number of A* and 8/9 grades achieved, but there are also less obvious individual triumphs over subject matter that has challenged and forced some girls to mastery. In general we congratulate the girls on their effort and resilience in achieving these results and they now move on well prepared for the next phase. The girls aimed high and all of them have gained the results that they deserved. With 27% A* grades, 30% Grade 9 and 60% Grades 8 and 9, 45% A*A and 80% Grades 7,8, and 9, we are immensely proud of what you have done and we wish you every success as we take on A-levels!

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