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GCSE Results 2019

Posted: 22nd August 2019

The Shell (Year 11) girls at Wychwood have excelled this year with 11% grade 9 (the previously non-existent grade equivalent to a top A*), 34% grades 8 and 9 (A* in the former system), 56% grades 789 (A*A), 76% grades 6-9 and 99% grades 4-9.

Mrs Johnson, Headmistress, said: “The girls have gained the rewards they so justly deserve from their hard work and dedication to their studies. In this, their first public measure of their capabilities, they have aimed high and soared over the hurdle – congratulations girls! Everyone at Wychwood is thrilled, delighted and very proud of you.”

NB You may have all been too emotional for a photo but a couple of very proud mums couldn’t resist being cajoled into a photo!