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Form Plays

Posted: 28th February 2018

The Form Plays took place this year on Friday 23rd February.

All week girls have been frantically making props and costumes, and this afternoon, it all came together for an absolute highlight of the year.

The Remove started us off – is it yoga or yoger? The Inters came along with pigeon impressions, spies and talent shows…. The LTs were on the case of a very serious crime, that of the death of Pork Chopper – it was Helga telling porkies! The UTs also had a case to solve and resolved their issues with a lottery ticket. The Shell introduced the concept of the seven dwarves playing cluedo, a romantic liaison between Grumpy and Cinderella, and the Prince being the bad guy! Study I talked Spain, royals, and tinder whilst Study II reflected on their time at Wychwood.

So, in the Wychwood equivalent of the BAFTAs…..

The Inters won best set.

Ruby won best actress.

Lower Transits won best script.

Lower Transits won best play. Pork Chopper, your death wasn’t in vein!

Well done to everyone. It was an afternoon of much hilarity! Thank you to Old Girl Emma who did a fantastic job as Head Judge.

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