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Cross Curricular Project

Posted: 3rd July 2019

The Wychwood Cross Curricular project happens at the beginning of July each year when the normal timetable is suspended for two days and the whole school is then involved in exploration of the same theme or topic, which culminates in a presentation of everybody’s ideas.

This year’s topic was The Georgians. Each class studied various aspects of this topic in lessons. They learned about monarchs and slavery, Jane Austen, balls, architecture, foundlings, prisons and much more. The three classes also learned songs in their music lessons, which were relevant to the period and the theme and even learned a traditional dance.

At the end of their week of study exploration and debate each girl wrote monologues in response to what they had learned.

Over the weekend the script fairy came and weaved all of the monologues into a script for us to perform on 2nd July.

On 1st July we read the scripts, cast the play and appointed stage managers. We then began rehearsing lines, finding props and costumes, painting sets trying out make up practicing songs and dances and started to bring the original ideas to life.

The performance itself transported us back to a time where we explored the serious issue of slavery as well as the less serious Georgian Speed Dating.

The girls all loved taking part in the project and performing to a packed hall of students, staff and parents.

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