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Bonding Weekend

Posted: 11th October 2017

The Remove and Inters bonding weekend rocked !

What a great weekend! It gave us the best opportunity to bond with our classmates and to get to know each other. As it’s my second year at Wychwood now I feel like having a bonding weekend away really helps to really get to know yourself and everyone else around you. Here at Wychwood you are able to fulfil that aspect. The first day was interesting with our first activity search and rescue, during that activity we really got to work together and improve our team skills. After a long adventure we all sat around the campfire with marshmallows and sang along to all types of songs from warm ups to nursery rhymes it was a great start to the year. My favourite part of the weekend was the kayaking because I got to experience getting pushed in the water with all my friends and making it a memory. I will never forget this amazing experience!

Alishba Irfan

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