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We won!

3rd October 2018

We won! We had some delighted young women this week and a very proud Miss Centamore as the joint Remove and Inters team 7-a-side hockey team (U13s) beat D’Overbroecks. I have to say it was not just the win that was so impressive, it was also the scale of the win as the score was 10-1 – congratulations to all the team. Gina was awarded player of the match following her five goals, with a hat-trick also scored by Bianca. Other goals were scored by Lizzie and Olivia. However, it was a full team effort with the girls supporting each other on all areas of the pitch. A number of other teams have also been out this year enjoying matches and practices and the results there have been close.

On Monday the day opened with the Lower school enjoying a Russian Dance Taster session with Mrs Solovieva accompanied with costumes and hats. The noise coming from the Hall was truly joyous and the girls had an energetic and very enjoyable time investigating another culture’s dancing.

The Careers Fair on Saturday was a valuable experience for everyone who attended: 17 professionals came to talk about what they did and the buzz in the hall was palpable. I am so grateful to them for giving up their Saturday morning and to Mrs Jarrett for the year-long organisation that goes into putting on an event like this.  Jackie Armstrong gave a fascinating talk on apprenticeships that should not have been missed and Annabel Daly gave an excellent talk on doing what suits you best. The morning went well and the girls who came found it useful while one parent told me it had been extremely useful for her as well.

However, I was disappointed that a significant number of girls did not attend: a significant number of girls did not come to Open Morning either. Please may I ask that when the school puts on events like this, the girls support us. One parent told me that, with children at a number of different independent schools, none of the others offered anything as useful as the Careers Morning. Open Mornings are very simply an essential element of the school’s marketing strategy and we can’t showcase the school fully without the girls being present. We do understand that life happens and not everyone can come to everything but, in those circumstances, we are trying to teach the girls how to manage themselves and not hide behind parents. While I do need to hear from parents that there is a real reason why a girl might not be able to attend, in addition, she should write to me to excuse herself, please. A well written letter takes you a long way in life and there are so many fewer chances to do this nowadays.

The Friends of Wychwood met on Monday evening and we welcomed three new members of the committee which is a real pleasure but we always have room for more! Please do not hang back if you think you would like to be involved as the FoW supports the school brilliantly and as the Head I really appreciate the energy and hard work that goes into the school.  They organise the social events that happen each term (and they are great!) and every penny raised goes into supporting the girls by supplying things that we would not otherwise have. We are working on the Christmas Fair (30th November, if you need the date for your diaries) so please do all come to that and bring all your families and friends.

Andrea Johnson