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For those to whom much is given, much is required

16th September 2019

When John F Kennedy spoke these words in 1961 he was referencing the Gospel of Luke chapter 12, as he talked about the qualities of great leadership. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, also used the quotation in a speech he made to new graduates, calling them to a life of service and responsibility.

The idea of ‘to whom much is given, much is required’ is that we are held responsible for what we have, however ‘much’ that may be. Many of us may of course consider that we don’t have ‘much’ especially when we think of wealth. It is therefore sobering to be reminded that we (the community of Wychwood) are in the top percentage of the wealthiest people worldwide. So the ‘much’ in the quotation may encourage us to think how we use our wealth responsibly. We may not be able to set up a foundation empowering the poorest and eradicating malaria, as Bill and Melinda Gates have done, but we can be good stewards of what we do have and use our wealth responsibly.

The ‘much’ of the quotation can also mean a good education which we gain at Wychwood and which can be used for the greater good as we make choices in our lives. What will we do with the opportunities given to us? We also have time to offer, qualities of personality and benefit from being a part of a caring community. All of these things mean we have ‘much’ and so we are called to take responsibility. What will we do with the ’much’ that we have been given? What is it that we are ‘called’ to do?

Mrs C Crossley