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Excitement fills the air…..

18th May 2018

There is wedding fever everywhere – I cannot believe the column inches and decibels being devoted to the royal wedding but we are looking forward to seeing any of you who would like to picnic with us on what promises to be a beautiful summer day tomorrow. As with any family, a wedding day is one of the most joyous and all of us at Wychwood wish Prince Harry and Meghan and all of their extensive families a wonderful day tomorrow and a happy, healthy and successful life together

We have had a quiet week because GCSE examinations have started this week. The Shell are doing brilliantly – most are calm and collected and ready to do this and it is always such a relief getting the exams done. The Remove to Lower Transits are preparing for the Junior examinations happening next week. The flurry of multi- coloured mind maps, revision cards and revision notebooks that have made an appearance across the school is very encouraging and they too are getting on with life in a very positive fashion. Today has brought the final hand in for the A Level art subjects – fine art, textiles and photography. The art rooms are overflowing with beautiful pieces of creative work and we wish the girls every success in the moderation.

Today however the quiet was broken as our second group of Year 5 girls within a week arrived for their taster session. They made slime, did some programming and played games followed by an ENORMOUS cream tea, ably hosted by Remove. There was much squeaking and shrieking during tea as they raced around Sir John’s lawn, relieved to be out from under the tyranny of the ‘Quiet: Examination In Progress’ boards that have been dotting the school for the last week.


Tuesday took the Upper Transits to London to The Globe for workshops and Shakespeare with the staff eager to experience the Tudor feel of Shakespeare played in Shakespeare’s theatre. Both the historians and the English Literature girls gained so much and Mrs Sherbrooke had very cleverly chosen seats out of the sun so no one suffered the heat of the pit. I very sadly could not go because Mike Holland and I spent a really enjoyable evening at the Chandlings Future Schools event also on Tuesday, meeting their lovely parents and catching up with old friends. Those of us who attend these often make up a little community who catch up with each other every few months to discuss the state of the independent sector in between persuading parents to come and see what we do. The gorgeous weather and Chandlings’ hospitality made Tuesday a very special evening.

Having been attacked myself by the Blandford fly (Oxford black fly) last weekend, please do watch out during May and June. These vicious little biters are barely noticeable while biting but the itching, swelling and ease of infection afterwards are not at all nice! The JR A&E were amazing and I was in and out with my double-dose antibiotics within two hours. However, these bites, being nastier than most, are not something I would wish on anyone, even having been bitten by all sorts growing up in Tanzania. So enjoy the sun this weekend but beware the Blandford fly. (

Mrs Andrea Johnson