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Wychwood has been educating distinctive, creative, determined, independent and resourceful pupils for over 125 years. They have gone on to make an impact in all walks of life around the world from science to art, from business to comedy, from music to teaching. We are proud of all our alumni and the following is just a snapshot:  

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Copper Beech Tree

Wychwood Association News E-Bulletin

Each year the Wychwood Association publishes an E-bulletin which contains news of the Association and its members as well as news from the School.  The Wychwood Association News is distributed by email to all members of the WA who are on the database and is posted on this website.  It is also posted on our Wychwood School Association Facebook page.

To receive the WA News, please make sure your details and contact preferences are up to date by checking the database.  (See above for details on how to log in or register.)  Remember to ask your friends to update their contact details as well.

If you have any news for future editions please contact contact Kate Faire at wa@wychwoodschool.org and put ‘WA News’ in the email header.



Copper Beech by Sue Clear, the most liked photo of 2020 on the WA Facebook page



Latest Edition  – Trinity Term 2021 CLICK HERE

This edition features: an interview with the new investors Simon and Abigail Tyrrell;  two former pupils explain their chosen careers sky-diving and marketing for a top fashion business; plus there is news from the school; and former pupils reminisce about school picnics.

Previous Edition – Hilary Term 2021 CLICK HERE

This edition includes a report on the 1980s Reunion and Mrs Johnson explains how the School coped with COVID and three lockdowns.

The Elm Magazine

Copies of the Wychwood School magazine The Elm are available electronically here.

If you would like a hard copy of the magazine please contact: reception@wychwoodschool.org

News of The School

The most recent Wychwood School news can be found at www.wychwoodschool.org/news

If you have questions, please email wa@wychwoodschool.org



Michèle Crawford’s Memorial Service – Saturday 16th September 

On Saturday 16th September 2023, the WA held a memorial service for Michèle Crawford to celebrate her life and impact on Wychwood School. Michèle died peacefully in Sobell House hospice after an extended, debilitating illness on the evening of Monday 8th May 2023.

Michèle Crawford/Ms Crawford/Craw retired from Wychwood at the end of Trinity term 2009, following 38 years of service. She was appointed in 1971 as a young English teacher by the head, Jinner Snodgrass, who was in turn appointed by the founder of the school Miss Lee. Ms Crawford’s legacy runs right through the school’s history, and still rings out on a daily basis via The Crawford Room, named in her honour which sits at the very heart of Wychwood life today.

Wa Michele Crawford Event

Wychwood alumni celebrating Wychwood’s 120 years in June 2017


Wa Website Pages

Wychwood Association Committee

Jane Evans (Head)

Doulla Croft (Shell 1981)

Sue Clear (Former Staff)

Rachel Page (Shell 1983)

Events Officer
Lizzie Peach (Shell 2011)

Sue Clear (former staff) and Judi Whymark (Shell 1964)

Kate Faire (Shell 1983)
Steph Jankovic (Shell 1998)
Andrea Johnson (former Head)
Ali Jones (FOW Rep)
Daisy Ogle (Shell 2010)
Roxanne Suratgar (Shell 1981)
Libby Welch (Shell 2010)
Judi Whymark (Shell 1964)

Emeritus members
Heather Simpson (Shell 1974)
Deborah Pluck (Shell 1973)

Ex officio
Jay Hunt (Head of Marketing and Admissions)
Simon Tyrell (Director)

Update your Details

We want to keep in touch.  You can use the Wychwood Association Network and register or update your details here Wychwood Association Login Page.

Alternatively, if you have any problems or would like to speak to someone directly, please do get in touch with Doulla Croft, Chair, Wychwood Association at WA@wychwoodschool.org or doulla.croft@outlook.com

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Camilla Stephenson (Shell 1977) And Joanna Stephenson (Shell 1975) visiting Wychwood’s Art Room


Alternatively, if you have any problems or would like to speak to someone directly, please do get in touch with Doulla Croft, Chair, Wychwood Association at WA@wychwoodschool.org or doulla.croft@outlook.com

Contact us

The Wychwood Association is run by volunteers for everyone with a past connection with the school, whether alumni, former members of staff, parents of former pupils, former governors or directors. Please contact Doulla Croft, Chair (Shell 1981) at WA@wychwoodschool.org or doulla.croft@outlook.com if you have any questions or would like to get involved, join the committee, help organise events etc.

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For information about forthcoming events and to stay in touch follow the Wychwood Association on Facebook – simply search for The Wychwood School Association.
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