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Wychwood Association


Welcome to the Wychwood Association Pages. Here you can:

  • Keep in touch with old friends
  • Catch up with Wychwood news
  • Continue to be involved with the school
  • Find out about school and alumnae events
  • Find out how you can help

The Wychwood Association exists to enable alumnae to keep in touch with each other and with the school, find old friends and make new friends or professional contacts, and to support current pupils at the school who are following in our footsteps!

Although small (there are around 2,600 alumnae), we are an international network, with members living and working all over the world in a range of careers from business and science, to the arts and culture.  There is much that we can do to support the school and to help and encourage current Wychwood girls as they think about the next stages in life, as well as giving practical help to those earlier in their school careers.

We are proud of our wonderful school that celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2017.

Johanna Stephenson
Chair, Wychwood Old Girls Society (Shell, 1975)


16 Mar
RT @wychwoodgeog: Great lecture today, about climate change for the students @wychwoodschool . Don't die of ignorance. #ClimateActionarrow

15 Mar
Excited to be watching the GCSE drama performances this afternoon #thingsiknowtobetrue

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